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Foothill Gold Line Maintenance & Operations Campus

[Video] Mayor Mary Ann Lutz tells how the Gold Line Maintenance & Operations Campus is what enabled the Foothill Gold Line to continue, as well as the increase in jobs and business in Monrovia.

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Mayor Mary Ann Lutz on the Monrovia Wilderness Preserve

[Video] Mayor Mary Ann Lutz talks about the issues surrounding the Monrovia Wilderness Preserve, National Recreation Area, etc.

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Current and Upcoming Infrastructure Repairs and Replacements

[Video] Mayor Mary Ann Lutz tells about current and upcoming infrastructure repairs and replacement in the City of Monrovia, including the Magnolia Avenue Sewer Main Replacement, street & sidewalk repairs, storm drains, water and sewer repairs, etc.

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Fiscal Responsibility

Our budget remains balanced, new businesses are being added to our tax base and we are successfully addressing the long-standing financial hurdle of deferred maintenance. In short, the City has been through rough times, but thanks to prudent financial management, its solvency and ability to grow have never been threatened.

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Public Safety

The most important responsibility of our City is to maintain a safe environment. Supporting our police, fire and public works departments with the personnel and tools they need are paramount to achieving this goal. We are now experiencing the lowest crime rates in decades.

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Infrastructure Repair

Work is already underway on much of Monrovia’s deferred maintenance – more than $3 million was spent last year on street and sidewalk repair and every street will be up to standard within three years. Comprehensive plans are in place to finance and complete all needed infrastructure repair in the next few years.

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Support for Education

Teamwork with our School Board is crucial to achieving our educational and community goals. I recommit to taking the lead in supporting our schools and continue my hands-on work with my two adopted schools, Santa Fe Middle School and the Adult/ROP.

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Business Development

Creating an environment that attracts business is vital to the progress of our community. One of the best ways we can compete and attract jobs is to maximize the high-tech businesses already here. We also need to make sure that our city assists businesses by keeping things simple, not over-regulating and basically providing support that “gets out of business’s way.”

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