Environmental Stewardship

I am committed to moving our community toward a healthy, green environment while balancing our economic responsibilities. We need to conserve water, continue and improve our recycling efforts and find every reasonable opportunity to practice environmental stewardship. My service on the Los Angeles County Waste Management Task Force and as the Chair of the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board keeps this concern paramount in my thoughts and actions.

This past year our community took the step of banning single-use plastic bags in our stores. Plastic bags are a primary source of litter because they are light and aerodynamic and are easily transported by wind into our vital watershed. Once littered, plastic bags essentially never biodegrade; instead, the sun breaks them into small pieces that choke and kill sensitive marine species such as turtles and birds. The ban was enacted in August 2014 and effective January 1, 2015. The bag ban is supported by the Monrovia Environmental Accords and helps to reduce litter and create a healthier environment.

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