Monrovia’s Infrastructure

Monrovia’s infrastructure has not been ignored, nor is it crumbling.

Deliberate decisions to defer some maintenance were made in city budgets beginning in 2009 during the worst economic downturn in two generations. That freed our shrinking revenues to shore up police, fire and paramedic services. My opponent, Mr. Adams, voted “yes” every time we made that decision, either moving or seconding every budget. Yet, he voted “no” on the current budget in 2014 (despite missing several budget study sessions) charging that the budget didn’t do enough for infrastructure. He never offered an alternative plan. See Voting record on Budgets

The 2014-15 budget, by the way, pumped money into infrastructure for the first time in several years, including $500,000 for water system repair, $400,000 for sewers, $330,000 to catch up on tree trimming and $250,000 to begin resurfacing streets. A total of $3 million was spent on infrastructure repair last year, and master plans to finance and address all our needs are in the works!

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